Churchill Paints Training School

Spray Booth

The development of new paint technologies, environmental legislation changes and the introduction of new product ranges, were all key factors in our decision to make a major investment in a training centre at our Congleton headquarters. Changing from solvent based, medium solids systems to waterborne and high solids systems, has been a cause of concern with some distributors and body shops. We at Churchill Paints are committed to offering our customers the training required to manage this change with the minimum of effort, and to demonstrate the advantages of using the latest refinishing products and application techniques.

The training courses are tailored to meet individual requirements. We can offer courses on the application of VOC compliant paint systems, including water-based paint, high solids primers and high solids clearcoats. This can usually be completed in one day. Alternatively, we can offer courses on the complete refinishing process for delegates new to the industry, starting from the sanding process right through to the final polishing. Whatever the delegates needs or ability, we have the solution for them.

Spray Booth

We have installed the latest USI ITALIA CHRONOTECH spray booth in which most of the practical work is carried out. Our delegates are encouraged to take a hands on approach to the training, and not simply to watch someone demonstrate the products to them. Any theoretical training is done in a modern classroom environment using the latest presentation techniques.

We would be pleased to hear from both existing and new customers to discuss their individual training requirements with us.